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I own a old, but still very usable IBM ThinkPad T30. You know, that kind of a laptop which probably will live forever as long as you give it a new battery every third year ...

The Thinkpad was bought in the US, and has got a US keyboard layout, which is nice for everything but writing characters like æ, ø, å, Æ, Ø, Å,.

My T30 is running Ubuntu 7.10, but this should work for all systems running some kind of X and support xmodmap, and the idea is simply to remove the normal caps lock behaviour, which is never used anyway, and then use the combination of caps lock and another key to produce my beloved "Norwegian characters".

This is very easy using xmodmap, and my .Xmodmap looks like:
! This is an .Xmodmap file for my IBM T30 with an american keyboard layout
! supporting æøå, ÆØÅ using Caps Lock
! Ole Bendik Kvisberg

clear lock
keycode 66 = Mode_switch

! norwegian chars
keycode 34 = bracketleft braceleft aring Aring
keycode 47 = semicolon colon oslash Ooblique
keycode 48 = apostrophe quotedbl ae AE

! broken in default config
keycode 21 = equal plus
keycode 35 = bracketright braceright